Temporary Recruitment

‘’People’’ are part of our business and we are inspired every day knowing that we can support small, medium and large organisations by providing an all-round stress free temporary recruitment service.

Take the work out of hiring.  Let us take care of the whole kit and caboodle!

Welcome.  How can we help you today?

Are you looking for a temporary member of staff or need a few helping hands? Temporary workers certainly do have something to offer to a business.

Whether you need people for a specific project, require particular expertise or are looking to meet a peak in business requirements, recruiting contractors and temporary staff can offer the perfect solution to compliment your current permanent workforce. Temporary staff allow you to upskill immediately and meet the needs of your business without a long term commitment.

When you engage a temporary worker, Tempnet becomes their employer, responsible for all the recruiting, screening, testing, administrative paperwork, WH&S inductions, payroll functions, superannuation, payroll tax, workers compensation and other insurances.

At Tempnet we want to get our candidates ‘work ready’ quickly and compliantly.

During their interview, the consultant will have explained as an important part of registering for future work, as part of the process, they will be required to complete a key part of our employment process which includes training and inductions and a work rights/visa check.

Tempnet has partnered with Workpro, an online web based employment screening program to ensure that we remain compliant whilst looking after our candidates interests.

Hourly Rates
Hourly rates charged are based on the minimum wage as defined in the relevant industrial award and award rate.  Hourly rates are calculated as follows:

Total candidate cost = candidate pay rate + on costs **
Rate to the client = Total candidate cost + agency margin

Increases are charged if the minimum wage is adjusted, and award rates change.

** On Costs
On costs include superannuation, payroll tax, workers compensation and general insurances. The on cost portion of the calculation will only change when the compulsory superannuation rate increases, when the state based payroll tax rates alter or when workers industry classification rates change under workers compensation act.

Candidate Pay Rate
Candidates rates of pay are dictated by what is happening in the market, their industrial award and their desired remuneration.  Tempnet legally cannot pay a temporary employee below the industrial award rate for the classification of work and duties they are performing.  Most casual employees are likely to be paid above award/minimum wage levels simply because their skills and experience can command a higher rate.

We have you have you covered!

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Our Industries & Sectors

  • Accounts, Bookkeepers & Finance
  • Business Administration & Office Support
  • Call Centre & Customer Service (Inbound and Outbound)
  • Hospitality – Wait Staff, Bar & Beverage
  • Human Resources and Recruitment
  • Industrial
  • Manufacturing & Operations 
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Real Estate & Property
  • Sales
  • Secretarial EA & PA
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Warehouse Staff – Forklift operating, Pick and pack, Inventory management, Shipping and receiving, Warehouse management

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