Rethinking the Method University Students Are Taught

Rethinking the Method University Students Are Taught Peer Instruction Mazur now shows every one of their classes employing a “peer-instruction” approach. Instead of teaching by telling, he shows by questioning. Mazur claims it is a way that is particularly effective show big classes. Harvard pupils Ryan Duncan (right) and Kevin Mazige inside their lab for Eric Mazur’s physics course. (Picture: Emily Hanford) Listed here is exactly just just how it is done by him: prior to each course, pupils are assigned reading when you look at the textbook. Pretty standard for the lecture course, but in the event that you speak with university students you will discover that lots of of them do not work with the reading in advance. They arrive to class to find out what information the teacher believes is very important, chances are they go right to the textbook to read up on what they did not comprehend. […]